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Candidate in Vantaa municial elections 2017

"Did you know?"

Municipal elections are the most important elections in the country. Almost all of the governmental services you use are provided, funded and often operated by your municipality. In fact, the reason why the municipalities exist is to provide people living inside their borders services we have together agreed should be provided by the municipality. These include healthcare, social welfare, security, education, libraries, roads, swimming halls, etc. To pay for these services each municipality has the right for taxation, which in Vantaa is currently 19 % of your income.

Because of the municipalities’ role in our lives, every adult living in the municipality has a right to vote in the election. Your vote counts, too. Not only are the political parties very different, you also have the opportunity to see and meet the candidates doing their normal daily business in the same shops and places you use.

My name is Vesa Pajula. I’m a 36-year-old IT-guy and entrepreneur living in Vantaa. And I’m running for the city council.

Like most municipalities, Vantaa isn’t financially doing too well. Problems started already 30 years ago when the city started to grow really rapidly. With leadership of the leftist ideology parties, Vantaa built, with loan, a lot of inexpensive and supported housing. People moving into the city needed schools, roads and other services. All of this was funded with loan. Today the loan sums up to over 1.1 billion euros, one of the highest per inhabitant in the country.

Currently, Vantaa can manage but can’t take any more loans. If interest rates go up again we are in trouble. Because of this, the city needs to cut down spending, bring down the investment rate and increase income. But most of all, I think, it needs to re-think how it operates.

Refreshing the old neighborhoods

Vantaa has been building more subsidized housing than other cities in the region. While low cost housing is indeed needed in the Helsinki-region, it provides little income and a lot of expense to the city. At the moment, at least until the financial situation is solved, we need to zone for higher income homes.

At the same time we need to have a look at the “ostoskeskus” areas. A lot of them have turned into a row of dive bars where, say, the Apple store or a service center for elderly simply cannot succeed. They need a serious remake and their surroundings should be reviewed with new zoning in mind. I’d like to see new kinds of places for small businesses.

Re-thinking how the city operates

Vantaa is doing a lot of things inefficiently. We all know how much a company without competition charges and how inefficiently they operate. This is true as well for a lot of services that the city operates itself or purchases from other providers. Vantaa needs to improve its purchasing talent by enforcing more competition and by making better agreements with service providers. As these services are very important for us residents, there needs to be a strict and well monitored quality control system in place. Personally, I’m more biased into buying the services from a competitive market and keeping city organization light and agile, but in the end what matters is that we get quality services that are done efficiently.

A light, agile and talented service-buying organization can also help more businesses in the city.

Getting people into jobs, especially our immigrants

Vantaa has more jobs than work-age inhabitants. But still our unemployment rate is higher than neighboring cities. Most of our financial troubles would actually be gone if we managed to improve the employment rate.

One of the many reasons why our unemployment rate is high is the amount of immigrants living in Vantaa, who have a higher rate of unemployment than Finnish population. It’s my firm believe that most immigrants (like my wife) want to work and provide for their family, but finding jobs when your degree isn’t directly comparable and when you don’t speak the language perfectly can be hard. And the employment office isn’t really doing much to help, almost the contrary.

In co-operation with the national level operators and our schools, Vantaa should create new experimental job-finding methods:

The current system where even university-level educated immigrants are put to "language & home upkeep school" for 8 hours a day every workday of the week essentially renders it almost impossible to make the connections to get a job. Yet, if you opt out of these courses, you are essentially left to your own devices with very little guidance or support. Employment offices should develop an experimental method of outsourcing job-finding tasks to independent companies, which then, if the unemployed decides to use them, would be paid a finder's fee upon locating the unemployed person a new job. For something as important as language education, it should be easily available as a 2-3 hours a day course-like training for every immigrant who wishes to get social services.

Vote for me?

I am a hard-working, idea-rich candidate who listens, helps and acts. I also have some personal knowledge about the problems immigrants might encounter. If you think I could be your candidate, please vote for me. If I’m not your candidate, I encourage you to find someone whose ideas suit you better, Vantaa needs your opinion.

Don’t leave your vote unused, Vantaa is your city too!

Vesa Pajula



Vesa Pajula


Martinlaakso, 1976


Married to Jennifer Pajula, two young children

Living at:

Hakunila, Vantaa


040 5800 738


Political positions of responsibility

My political values

Children first

Our childrens safety, health, and future as first critecia in political decicions

Diverse city

We need to have more diverse commercial services and unique interesting locations and sites

Transparent and honest decicion making

Let's prepare political decicions openly, with good arguments and with ability listen and admit mistakes.

Wealth for the middle class

Let's not increase middle classes taxes or payments, let's give opportunity to create wealth.

Freedom to choose

Let's increase peoples opportunity to choose, bureaucrats aren't specialists of your life.

A liberal society

Let's be approving, let's listen to new ideas and let's go boldly where no man has gone before.